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Heat Transfer Lab, Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Technical Equipments, Scientific Equipments & Material Testing Equipments to cover following laboratories :


Educational Labs
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
• Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics Lab
• Hydraulic Machinery Lab /
   Turbo Machinery Lab
• Theory of Machine Lab
• Refri. & Air Conditioning Lab
• Industrial Fluid Power Lab
• Measurement and control Lab
• Thermodynamics Lab
• Titling Flume
• wind-tunnel
• Steam Power Plant Lab
• Heat Engines Lab
• Production Technology Lab
• Metrology and Quality Control Lab
• Material Testing Lab (SOM Lab)
• Models/Automobile Lab


Steam Power Plants Labs

Steam Power Plants Labs
Steam Power Plants Labs
Steam Power Plant
‘JPTI’ STEAM LAB (mini power plant) is rugged in construction . It employs all industrial components. But for the size it is a power plant. It is NON IBR Type boiler with single stage steam turbine. The plant is complete with condenser all measurement system, safety device, pipings, control systems etc.
1. Efficiency of Boiler
2. Heat Balance of Boiler
3. Various Efficiencies of Turbine
4. Heat Balance of Turbine
5. To plot curves of Pressure Vs Load
6. To plot curves of Steam flow rate Vs Load
7. To determine dryness fraction of Steam
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