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Heat Transfer Lab, Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Technical Equipments, Scientific Equipments & Material Testing Equipments to cover following laboratories :


Educational Labs
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
• Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics Lab
• Hydraulic Machinery Lab /
   Turbo Machinery Lab
• Theory of Machine Lab
• Refri. & Air Conditioning Lab
• Industrial Fluid Power Lab
• Measurement and control Lab
• Thermodynamics Lab
• Titling Flume
• wind-tunnel
• Steam Power Plant Lab
• Heat Engines Lab
• Production Technology Lab
• Metrology and Quality Control Lab
• Material Testing Lab (SOM Lab)
• Models/Automobile Lab


Refrigeration & Air - Conditioning Labs Equipments

Refrigeration & Air - Conditioning Equipments
Air Conditioning Lab

Refrigeration Tutor

‘JPTI’ make Refrigeration Test Rig enables students to study and understand Vapour Compression Cycle, its components, principle and working. All the components are mounted on rigid steel frame.
The trainer consists of a hermetically sealed compressor, forced air-cooled condenser, fitter/drier, rotameter, expansion device and immersed tube type evaporator. Separate pressure gauges are provided to record suction and discharge pressure and digital temperature indicators for various temperatures.
The refrigerant used is R-134 a which is environment friendly.

Air Conditioning Tutor

The ‘J.P.T.I.’unit consist of a 1.5 m. long rectangular duct at the center of which a cooling coil fitted. A fan drives air over the finned tube cooling in the duct. The refrigerant supply to this cooling coil is achieved through compressor condenser circuit fitted at the base of the table platform. Pressure temperature, flow of refrigerant etc. like this measurements can be achieved at different locations in refrigerant circuit. Thermometers are provided to measure dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of inlet and outlet air.
Anemometer for measurement of air flow rate. The duct is insulated with glass wool on all four sides.

Ice Plant Tutor

JPTI’ unit works on vapour compression principle and uses R-134 a as a refrigerant. It is environment friendly and approved under Montreal Protocol. The brine solution is stored in S.S. / fiber coated tank. Ice cans placed in this tank. The stirrer motor is pro vided to agitate the solution and to increase the heat transfer coefficient. All the components are mounted such that its operation and working can be easily understood. The required controls for temperature, pressure , and overload are provided.
Domestic Refrigerator Test Rig

The ‘J.P.T.I’ unit consists of a unit enables to study the various parameters affecting the performance of a domestic refrigerator. It consists of refrigeration cycle of domes tic refrigerator. It consists a hermetically sealed compressor, air cooled condenser, capillary tube & a natural convection type evaporator. The evaporator is fitted with a small heater to stimulate different load conditions various measurements are pro vided so that power consumption, cop, theoretical & actual refrigerating effects refrigerant flow rate & effect of door opening on power consumption can be studied & also students can visualise automatic operation of unit using a thermostat.

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