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Heat Transfer Lab, Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Technical Equipments, Scientific Equipments & Material Testing Equipments to cover following laboratories :


Educational Labs
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
• Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics Lab
• Hydraulic Machinery Lab /
   Turbo Machinery Lab
• Theory of Machine Lab
• Refri. & Air Conditioning Lab
• Industrial Fluid Power Lab
• Measurement and control Lab
• Thermodynamics Lab
• Titling Flume
• wind-tunnel
• Steam Power Plant Lab
• Heat Engines Lab
• Production Technology Lab
• Metrology and Quality Control Lab
• Material Testing Lab (SOM Lab)
• Models/Automobile Lab


Production Technology Labs


Lathe Tool Dynamometer

In studying & cutting operation over the lathe, knowledge of cutting forces is essential. The ‘JPTI’ unit is a simple unit to determine the two components of cutting forces in orthogonal cutting the axial and vertical components. The basic height of tool is 100 m.m. which can be increased to 150 m.m. .The unit is provided with strain gauge bridge, balance with power supply and digital indicator with a channel selector switch. The unit is properly calibrated upto load of 200kg. on both the channels.
The unit can be easily mounted over the lathe the tool used is 1/2” square HSS bit which is mounted in the sensing unit. The unit is so designed that operation is simple and reliable and use of cutting fluids is possible. Thus cutting forces can be measured at different speeds, feeds and different materials.

Drill Tool Dynamometer

Determination of thrust and torque is essential in drilling. The ‘JPTI’ unit provides simple means to measure the torque and thrust. The job is mounted in the fixture which is mounted over the arms. The strain gauges are mounted over arms to sense the load. The unit can be easily mounted over the table of drill machine. The dynamometer is calibrated for load, upto 500kg thrust and 10kg.m. torque. A bridge balance and digital load indicator is provided with channel selector switch for torque and thrust channel.
The capacity of unit is drilling in steel of maximum 22 m.m. diameter. The prepared job is mounted in unit and with auto drill feed cutting forces are measured. The design of unit permits use of cutting fluids.

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